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Hello Friends… Here is the latest article on brand new messaging app by Google called Allo… Let’s get started.

Google Allo

Google just released chatting app named Allo. At first look its looking like WhatsApp and other social messaging app. In just a week around 5 million people downloads Allo in Google Play store. If you’re using iphone than you can also download it from App store. I am also using it since a week and I think it’s very nice app. You have option to smart reply. It means someone message you ‘how are you?’ and google allo gives you option like..I am fine. Somethings like this.

You have a nice features called shout and whisper fonts. By using it you can text someone in small fonts or large font. Here is the screenshot.

Google always cares about the privacy of the users so you have also option of incognito chatting. It means you can secret chat in this app.  There are many stickers and emojis. You can aslo share photos, videos, and locations. But we are used to with the whatsapp status. You will definitely miss the ‘status’ in Allo. Yeah you can set your dp. Overall it’s looking like Allo is professional Messaging app. But the best part of Allo is it’s Personal Assistant. The personal assistant of Allo is just awesome. There are many options to do with assistant. You ask assistant that what can you do and it will give you numbers of things that it can. Such as – 

  • Subscription
  • Games
  • News
  • Going out
  • Travel
  • Answers
  • My assistant
  • Actions
  • Fun
  • Sports
  • Weather
  • Translation etc..

So you have lot’s of to do with the personal assistant by Allo. Something which I like most is if u tell it that you want daily quotes on friendship, It will send you daily quotes!! Like this you can ask it anything.

I ask Google allo’s assistant to open my blog and at a glance the webpage is front of me..

Like this you can ask anything to Allo and it will give best for you. However you chatting with your friend and you type @Google and you can search via Google search engine directly in chat screen something like this.

Something is missing in Allo that any other Messaging apps give. But Google Is Google and all have to use it. It’s Very useful app. Hope Google give us new update faster. 

#Google and #Whatsapp comparison…

You can visit this official site of google allo for more information about it… Google Allo


The numbers of play store clearly shows that there is something in Allo. So, let’s chat via Allo…. 🙂

Here is the link for Android users to download allo… Allo (Play Store)

And Iphone users have a look at Allo (App Store)

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16 thoughts on “Say Hello To Allo !

  1. Fantastic article…. Vuitar…
    I Am just going to download Allo…😊

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    1. Yeah Rahul it’s nice app… Go for it….


  2. I am tech-lover and you just give me awesome review of Allo… Please alo so review of google duo….

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    1. Yeah sure…. Connected with us… You will find many things here…


  3. Awesome dude….

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  4. What about end-to-end encryption in Allo ??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes !! Allo gives you best privacy options.. Don’t worry it’s Google app….


  5. Hello vedant… this article is very wonderful!! nd thanx 4 giving information like this….its very interesting….

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    1. Thank you Mem !


  6. #Thx_Bruh….

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  7. ALLO is superb app….

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  8. Allo has it’s own features but no one can beet Whatsapp…

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