Motivational Speech For Students by Gijubhai Bharad

On the date 17 of December well known educator of Gujarat Shri Gijubhai Bharad came to Babra, Amreli, Gujarat. He was come to Babra in the celebration of sentenary of a high-school. This special arrangements of Gijubhai’s seminar is done by the former director of GCERT (Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training) Dr. Nalin Pandit. And Mr. Bhupendra bhai Basiya play an important role for this. Moreover The work of celebration committee of sentenary play a biggest role for this function. Let’s go to the topic. 

Gijubhai Bharad is a great personality of Education. His speech, simplycity, personality amd everything is just cool. He gave a speech about one and half hour on “How to give exams without stress?” Here’s the some important points of his speech.

Reading tips

  • Gijubhai asked all students to use three colours pen. Red, yellow and green. It’s looking like traffic signals…. Right ?? And the reason of to use three colours pen is exactly same as traffic signals. He told that the most important and hard to understand points should be underlined by red pen. Midium points should be underlined by yellow pen. And some easiest points are underlined by green pen.
  • He told that when you are reading and you see a point which one is underlined by red pen your mind will be work with 7× speed. When you see yellow underlined point your work will work with 4× speed and when you will see a point with green underline your mind can be relax. It’s not just example, it’s a scientific research and proved theory.
  • And when you will read than read red colour 3 times, yellow one 2 times and green only one time.
  • He challenged that after doing this the marks will be increase 8 to 10 %.

    How to read hard questions?

    1. Make Small sentence of the question which one is hard.( One sentence caries almost 5-6 words and sentences should be meaningful)
    2. Read Small sentence and make a list which sentence you can understand and which sentence you can’t.
    3. Now almost 60% of the sentence are there which are understand by you.
    4. Find the clear definition of the word which is not understood by you.
    5. Than read all the sentence once again.
    6. Now only little sentence will left that are hard for you.
    7. Take help of friends or students to clear that.
    8. Read full question and you are now able to write this question very clearly.


      •  He told that for mathematics we have to remember all the equations very fastly.
      • On the result of a survey he told that it takes 4 minutes and 42 seconds to read all the equations of std. 10. (GSEB)
      • For batter result in maths one should have to remember all the equations. For this read equations 2 times morning and 2 time at night.

        Principle of 3-1-4 

        • Gijubhai talk about a very interesting principle that called 3-1-4 principle. 
        • Basically it is a reading trick which is scientific and have proven.
        1. Reading –             3 times
        2. Writing –              1 time
        3. Deep thinking – 4 times

        It’s a very simple principle. For very effective work in exam one should have to read a question 3 times, write the question one time and have to deep think (Manan) on it almost 4 time. We can change the number of this but 3-1-4 is the scientifical trick to remember all the things.


         Gijubhai told that we forget all the things by the time. When and how much we forget here’s the information.

        • After 24 hours only 18% things we have remember.
        • After a week only 14% things we have remember.
        • And after a month we have only remember 11.5% things.

        So we have to do revision for remember all the things. Now a very big question When to revision ? Soo here’s the details given by the Bharadsir.

        1. Everyday
        2. After 24 hours. ( 1 day )
        3. Every week.
        4. Every month.

        If one will work like this Than Gijubhai is very sure that one can definitely got good results and one’s result will be increased almost 18 to 20 %.

        How to remember ?

        • Make tables 
        • Make drawing ( write details on it)
        • Make stories (Imagine)

        Gijubhai told that imagines have strong power of remember.
        So this are the some important points Gijubhai gave in the speech. At last he told that work hard and Don’t worry about the result because a marksheet can’t decide your future. Here some images of his books.

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