Savi Sharma –  Who Writes Everyone’s Story !

“Everyone has a story to tell. 

Everyone is Writer.

Some are written in the book and 

Some are confined to hearts.”

– Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma there is no need to describe this name. A young Indian author who rock the world by her debut novel Everyone Has A Story. In just 100 days 100,000 copies of this book is sold out. And this novel got very warm support from the readers across the country. Many readers are just become fan of her writing skills (I’m one of them). 

After great success of her first novel Everyone Has A Story she recently launched her second novel titled as This Is Not Your Story.

Even right now her both books Everyone Has A Story(EHAS) This Is Not Your Story(TINYS) are on the top trending list in Amazon.

Here’s what media is telling about her 

‘Savi Sharma stunned the publishing world.’ – DNA

‘Savi Sharma has created a storm in the literary world.’ – India Today

‘Savi laces her plot with deep, heart-felt emotions which moves the readers thoroughly. The narrative is enthralling, inspiring and absolutely honest.’ – Times of India

‘For Everyone, who is looking for a way to believe in their dreams.’ – Times Of India

‘Savi Sharma has taken the literary world by strom.’ – India Today

‘A Runaway Success.’ – The Hindu

‘A relantless storyteller.’ – New Indian Express

‘A publishing phenomenon.’ – Femina

Here are some videos you might watch.

1) Everyone Has A Story – Trailer

2) #FindYourStory

3) This Is Not Your Story – Trailer

The Promise

I promise to write stories. Stories of beautiful lies and bitter truths. Stories of true dreams and false realities. I cannot promise if my stories will inspire or heal you. But I promise to never give up.

– Savi Sharma

Even Everyone Has A Story are now available in 6 Indian languages.

Interested to buy this books? Just click the below links and you will redirect to shopping sites.

Stay connected with Savi Sharma here’s the social media links.

At last some mind-blowing quotes from Everyone Has A Story and This is Not Your Story.

Here’s a beautiful article by Anushree Majmudar from The Indian Express

Could This Be Your Story ?

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  4. Wohoo.. Savi Sharma is awesome author. She writes from heart….

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