Happy Women’s Life

8 March We celebrate as International Women’s Day. But I think only one day for women is not enough ! It’s looking like just one day you have to respect women. But I asking Why ?

There is a special date in which you have to respect all women. It’s not fair.

If we really want to make a smile on her face, we have to respect and care her everyday round the year. Not in a specific date.

That’s why the title is Happy Women’s Life. (Not a Day). We’re living in 21st century. We all need a big change​ in our society. (I don’t want to say big-big things) Because without action, it’s all are worthless.

At last Happy Women’s Day to all the women of the world. Take care of your self. Do your work with confidence. No one can beat you. You’re almighty. Stay happy and healthy. 🙂

My personal views. Not want to hurt anyone. Words from heart. 

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25 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Life

    1. Thank You For Reblog this 🙂

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  1. Sweety Nathvani March 8, 2017 — 12:15 pm

    Loved it

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    1. Sweety Nathvani March 8, 2017 — 12:23 pm

      n well said

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      1. Thanku So Much Ma’am ! 🙂


  2. Deep

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  3. True… We have to respect and care of women Everyday….

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  4. Mst!!! It’s True
    I like Ur HeaRt Words

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  5. People like and follow this type of articles

    In previous days, You write only biography on special people that I don’t like

    That is not useful for me you know!

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  6. This article is admirable vedant


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  7. Very True!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience my magic of letters!!!

    Hope you will like it:)

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    1. Thank you and will surely visit your blog 🙂

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  8. I have to say I respecfully disagree as to why in the world there should be a woman’s day now in the 21st century specially. If you tell me 100 years before when women couldn’t vote and where expected to stay at home then yes, but now in this century…. In Germany the Prime minister is a woman, go to forbes 100 richest women in the world and they seem to be doing quite well to say the least, in congress and senate there are quite a lot of women, even in the Trump administration you might disagree with him but who is his top adviser? Kelly Ann Connway wich has a lot of power.
    When you say we have to respect her, it actually, diminishes the woman since we have to treat you as not an equal but as somebody special that you have to interact with her with kids gloves, I don’t think you would like that. As you well know life is harsh and the respect you earn it or not, and if is a not, then you keep on going. But that is true for men too. So what you do is group all women into a bunch, an entity instead of treating them as self sufficient individuals.
    Just my thought, don’t get mad at me.
    love ya

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  9. I like the way you think! 🙂

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  10. Un giorno simbolico ….un giorno per ricordarci il valore del rispetto…. un giorno per scambiarsi un sorriso in più.

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      1. In euro ovviamente…

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