No World, Without Girls.

SANAM is an Indian pop rock band based in Mumbai consisting of Sanam Puri (Lead Vocals), Samar Puri (Lead Guitar), Venky S (Bass Guitar ) and Keshav Dhanraj (Drums). The band is known for being amongst India’s top 10 YouTube Channels, India’s biggest music artist on the digital platform and the fastest growing YouTube Channel in the country.

SANAM is famous for their unmatched quality of Music. Just couple of days ago SANAM had launched thier new #SanamSingle “Lakshya” with a strong social message in collaboration with eBay India.


They Said,

Sanam teams up with eBay to spread a message against prejudice with a story that India really needs to hear. This music video featuring the inspiring rendition of the song Lakshya by SANAM takes us through the challenging journey of a young pregnant woman who has to overcome extreme judgment to live life on her own terms.

Watch the latest Motivational song by SANAM.

A world without girls is no world at all! On, we have 10 crore products that don’t judge. And the one thing that does, we prohibit. #ThingsDontJudge #NoWorldWithoutGirls. This is the strong social message from .

No more 3 AM calls, and a lot of dirty cloth diapers… not a good picture, is it? There’s really #NoWorldWithoutGirls
No more 3 AM calls, and a lot of dirty cloth diapers... not a good picture, is it? There's really #NoWorldWithoutGirls
What’s a life without computers and ice cream, anyway? We say there’s #NoWorldWithoutGirls
Can you even imagine a world without late-night ice cream raids or high speed downloads? It’s #NoWorldWithoutGirls, folks.

Truly, We can’t imagine a world without girls. Please Respect Her.


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18 thoughts on “No World, Without Girls.

  1. You have given good examples…
    Nice post bro…

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  2. Nice post written beautifully

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  3. Love the video and the music.

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  4. Nice Wording Vedu… Incredible post Ever!👌👍😊

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  5. Great blog! Lovely son!

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    1. Thank a ton Sir ! Nice meeting you.

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  6. Great initiative by them..and lovely post by you 🙂

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